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App / Training Plan Scalability



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    JOIN Support

    Good day Andrew

    JOIN will look at some of your previous data and estimate your level and based on the athletic profile you have chosen. By the sound of your experience and the hours you train, I would say that you will be a 'Pro' athletic profile. 

    You can then set your weekly availability to JOIN on the hours you are available or would like to train. JOIN will take your accurate level score and fitness level ( After a week of training with JOIN and FTP test) and plan the best program suited to your goal and level. At first, you might not have the 15+ hours you wish to train but JOIN will build up your fitness to handle these hours with no overreaching effect.

    JOIN adapts to any scenario or level of athlete. 

    Kind regards


  • Fazel

    Perfect. Thank you! Yes… I selected the pro level. I am excited to try the app for an extended period of time. I think the availability feature is very unique and, in practice, super important and functional.


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