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Aangepaste workout


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    JOIN Support

    Hi there JG

    Thank you for your question.

    When you ride longer than what JOIN has planned and continue to do so for days at a time, you might run the risk of doing too much and over-train. Try and stick to the planned duration as much as possible or adjust your availability so JOIN can adapt to it and plan sessions more suitable for you.

    JOIN will analyse each workout based on your duration, intensity, and RPE and what you have done, interval training, or endurance ride. We also look at the power or heart you have done for certain durations during your ride.

    Based on these we calculate a score that is compared to a planned score when your program is planned. After all of this, we can detect if you have gone too hard, too long, etc and your session thereafter could possibly be adjusted based on the results. 

    Kind regards 


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